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Daffodil Moot Court Society (DMCS) of Daffodil International University is a student-run committee under the guidance of faculty co-coordinators, which seeks to channelize the students on the mooting path. The DMCS is a team of dedicated students who continuously work towards achieving new heights in the mooting arena. 

The primary goal of the DMCS is to provide all Law students the opportunities to harbor research, oral advocacy, and legal drafting skills and other essential prowess to mold an individual into an adept mooter. In order to achieve this objective, DMCS organizes various events like Mooting workshop for all the novice mooters among the law students, Internal Mooting Competition wherein all the General members to compete with one another to victory, DMCS also take parts in various other competition such as Philip C. Jessup National Qualifying Rounds, Henry Dunant Moot Competition, TIB-DUMCS Moot Court Competition and others National and International Moot Court Competition.


A moot court competition simulates a court hearing, in which participants analyze a problem, research the relevant law, prepare written submissions, and present oral argument all in the English language.

The procedure imitates that is followed in real courts: the judge enters, the Bench Officer  announces court in session, the mooters bow to the judge and are then called in to turn to present their submissions, the judge asks questions of the mooters to analyze their knowledge in the subject matter, Rebuttal Sur-Rebuttal  and finally the court adjourns.

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  1. to engage Law student with deep think about interesting legal issues,
  2. to enhance their advocacy, legal research and writing skills,
  3. to work closely with and learn from their peers


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